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Application Process

Is there an interview for admission?

There is no interview for admission to CAMS

What kind of degree do I need to have to apply?

While Mass Spectrometry is rooted in chemistry, we encourage any BSc graduate with a background in STEM to apply.

Is there an application fee?

No. There is no fee to apply to the CAMS course.

Can I get financial aid?

You can apply for financial aid through the Loyola University Graduate School. While we do not offer scholarships at this level, external scholarships can be honored.

Program Content

Where are you located?

Our Health Science Campus is located in Maywood Illinois, directly outside of Chicago.

How do I schedule my labs?

In order to schedule your labs, you will email the program coordinator who will set them up with you.

What is a passing grade?

The program is on a pass/fail grading system and students require a grade of 70% to pass.

Is the theory self paced or deadline driven?

The online portion of the course is deadline driven and will be taught concurrent with deadlines.

How much in-person learning is there?

Each student must schedule an in-person lab training period of 3 weeks per semester.

How much of the course is taught through remote, online learning?

All of the course theory is taught through remote, online learning

How long is the course ?

9 Months August –May inclusive