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Meet the instruments

CAMS students will receive intensive, personalized, hands-on training with the newest cutting-edge instrumentation that industry will be adopting over the next decade. These instruments have complementary technologies that are used to address a wide variety of questions across a diverse number of fields, providing students with maximum flexibility to pursue their careers of choice.


Meet the instruments

Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid

One of the most advanced mass spectrometers in the world, the Eclipse was designed to address the most complex analytical tasks. With breakthroughs to push the sensitivity, speed, and versatility to new levels, the Eclipse can provide singular results in proteomics, small molecule characterization, single cell analyses, structural biology and more.
Our Eclipse is seamlessly integrated with one of the newest ultra-high performance liquid chromatography systems, the Vanquish Neo. Next generation technology separates complex samples with unprecedented precision and integrated system intelligence streamline method editing on the fly.

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Altis Triple Quadrupole

For applications where the most sensitive compound quantification is required, the Altis is the cutting-edge instrument of choice. For drug design, environmental testing, food safety, metabolomics and clinical toxicity, the Atlis has the enhanced acquisition time, selectivity, and robust reproducibility that make it a powerhouse for targeted compound detection.

Our Altis is coupled to the UltiMate 3000 UHPLC system to provide reliable and adaptable chromatography.

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Quantify compounds at extremely low concentrations, in the most challenging matrices.

Other Equipment

Our Mass Spectrometry Facility is equipped with other powerful technology that students will have access to, including an Orbitrap XL, Vantage Triple Quadrupole, Azure Sapphire Bioimager, and more.