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Jaspreet Bhutani

This program has improved my ability to succeed in academically difficult material as well as my confidence that I can handle an intense workload but still thoroughly enjoy what I’m learning. I’ve known I wanted to go into medicine for a long time, but I struggled academically during my undergraduate years, so I knew applying to medical school right away wasn’t going to be a smart option. Truly committing to this program means you are willing to study very hard, but it is so worth it because I feel prepared to tackle medical school!



After I applied to 40 medical schools in 2018 and was rejected by every single one of them, I lost faith in myself as I was actively pursuing my career goal. Although This program gave me tangible things to work on in order to improve as a student, a future healthcare professional, and more importantly, a person.



The MSMP program at Loyola was one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. Their curriculum and mentorship paved the way for my acceptance into medical school, and everything that I learned created a strong foundation that helped me to succeed throughout my training. Now I am graduating medical school and starting a surgical residency. MSMP made this possible, and I am forever grateful.